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Adding a Welcome Tab to your Facebook Page

There are millions of people everyday connecting on Facebook.  With it being a free outlet, it is also a great tool that can cost you absolutely nothing when promoting your business.  

But the question is how to use it to your advantage, and one way is to create a Welcome Page.   A landing tab for new or potential clients to initially see on facebook.  You can show them a little about what you do in several images or one large image and then by adding links, you can take them places.

Here I am going to show you how to create your Welcome Tab to greet your new guests.  For this you must be an Administrator to the business page we are adding the tab too.  Also this app can only be added to Facebook pages and not personal pages.


This is the image I am going to use on my Welcome page.  I have already created it in my editing program to be added.  But remember that it can be no wider then 520px wide.  You will also need to host your image on your website or and image hosting site like Flickr, Photobucket, or any other site.  And make sure you get the image link as that will be what we need to add it to your tab. 

When we are finished, this is what my Welcome Tab looks like also with links at the bottom.


Searching and adding the Static FBML Application

First you will want to search through the Applications and find the Static FBML App.  This will allow you to add a html page to your Business page.

Once you have found this app, hit "Add to my Page" on the left side under where you navigate through the different tabs of the page.  You will then need to select which page to add it to if you have several pages.



Editing the FBML Page.

Now that we have added our FBML app to our page, you will need to make sure that you add it as a tab.  Hit Edit Info on your page and then go to the Apps.  This will then bring up all apps that you are currently using on your page.  Find your Static FBML app you just added and hit Edit Settings.  Make sure it says the Tab is added.  Now we are ready to add our content.


Now we need to hit "Go to App".  It will then bring up the following page.  Look at that fun empty white box! Don't forget to add a Title.  For this we are using "Welcome!".  But if you decide to use this app for something else, that's totally up to you.

Basic Coding

When using html codes there are a few that are pretty universal everywhere.  Inserting images, inserting text, and adding a link.  If you are inserting any type of text or links, you can also style those a specific size or color as I did with the links underneath my image.  

Inserting Image

 <img src="http://xxx.com">

Inserting text

<p> add your text between the two arrows</p>

Inserting a Link

<a href="http://xxx.com">title or website name</a>


For inserting images or a link, replace xxx with your hosting link for your image or the link to your site, twitter, etc.  For adding text, put whatever you want.  If you want to have a little bio or talk about a special, you would add it between the arrows.

Now that you have added your content, make sure you save your changes.

Making your Tab the Default Landing Page

Once you have finished editing your FBML page, you will want to make this your Default Landing page. This will make your Welcome page the first thing new comers will see if they are finding you for the first time.

Go to your Page > Edit Info > Manage Permissions

Now where it says "Default Landing Tab", in the drop down select your Welcome page.  That's it!  Now go test out your new Welcome Tab.

I hope you were able to follow along in this.  Using the Static FBML app effectively can help boost exposure for your business at no cost to you.  But if you really want to make it interactive and can afford it, there are other apps out there or you can hire a web designer that can really put you on the social media map.

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