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Payments & Refunds

Before a project will be started I require half deposit up front.  If for any reason your deposit cannot be made, we can set up a payment schedule until your deposit is in full in which at that time I will ad you to my schedule.  Due to the nature of the products and services, no refunds will be issued.  Payments will be received through Paypal at this time.  You may pay by check, but services will not begin until your check has cleared.



Once work has begun cancellations will not be allowed.  If for any reason you wish to cancel before I have started, I will evaluate your request and whether a refund will be issued.  Note that once payment has been received I usually start the research and drawing process even if you are placed on a waiting list.  Cancellations are dependent upon how in depth I am at the time of the request.


Turnaround Times

Typically it takes 2-3 weeks for logo work.  But be prepared for the possibility to take longer.  If you have decided for a full Branding package it may take longer.  Rush Orders will be accepted on Logo work and individual Pieces and will incur a Rush Order Fee per item once approved.    


Copyright & Client Usage

Debra Roller is the owner of designs created.  Designs may be used in print, digital, or other media needed to promote your business.  You may not alter any designs unless given permission.  Alterations include but are not limited to: color, design, spacing, orientation, etc.  Any elements used in the designs may not be used in your own designs unless otherwise stated or given permission.  You may not sell, redistribute, copy, or claim designs to be your own.  Be respectful of my work.



Once a project is completed and full payment has been received, you will receive the vector file and PSD file for logos and/or layerd PSD file for templates.  Other files formats are available.  A disc with your files may also be mailed to you for an additional $10 each if requested.



Pricing is subject to change without notice.  Please be aware my Pricing is Firm.  


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