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Sometimes you just want to learn things without having to spend all day reading about them.  Here I will try to teach you little tips and tricks in one paragraph or less.  And an added bonus I have included a visual tutorial.  Enjoy!!


Key strokes: Changing the size of your brush.

I don't know about you, but I like to be able to work smart and efficiently when working on design projects. My time is limited in the day and I want to make the most of it. Learning a few key strokes will optimize my time as much as possible.

One quick tip is learning to change my brush size quickly.  It gets annoying having to fumble through different palettes or areas of the program to get what you need.  Especially when it is as quick as a key stroke.  So when you want a smaller brush hit the left bracket key: {.  If you want it larger hit the right bracket key: }.  Watch them shrink and grow right before your eyes.. It's kind of like magic.  Oh and a little secret, if you want to change the hardness of your brush hit shift + one of the bracket keys.  Great for precise areas or if you want to do a little feathering.....


Guides: Finding your center

No I am not talking about yoga! But I am talking about guides in Photoshop.  You have your document open and for the life of you, you used an odd dimension and cannot figure out the center.  Click View/New Guide.  Punch in 50% for vertical, then repeat for horizontal.  Guess what?  You've just found your Center!!!

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