Water for Elephants
Friday, April 8, 2011 at 10:43AM
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I have a new love!  

The past year I have gained a great appreciation for reading.  Maybe it's because my 6 year old loves to pick up books, or have mommy read him a story at night.  But I think in my "old age" I have found a new world to escape to.  

First and foremost, I love movies.  There is nothing more exciting then immersing yourself into a character and their lives.  Or seeing the visual splendor of a fantasy world portrayed so visually you could only dream of stepping through the screen and it becoming your world.  I can only imagine movies getting better and better as technology grows.

But something that will always be constant is reading.  Books, magazines, newspapers, the list goes on.  And while getting lost in a movie, a visual eye candy set in your brain, the things you read can get you lost in so many ways you are only left to your own imagination.

I have begun my exploration into reading and connecting it with the movies.  While most times the movies are adaptations to books, I love being able to explore more of the characters.  Their little nuances that movies sometimes have to leave out because of time.  Now usually I am always late to the party.  Never one to crack an obsession over something until the novelty and hype is all over.  ( I'm sure you know what I am talking about!)  Yes I was sucked into the Twilight Saga.  But it wasn't until after I had watched the first two movies that I began reading the books.  Showtime was running Twilight and New Moon almost exclusively everyday, practically all day.  And of course my curiosity became the best of me and I had watched both in the same night, back to back.  Great because I didn't have to wait to see the second, bad because I stayed up wait too late that night. From then on I knew I had to get the books.  I couldn't wait to find out what happened to Bella and Edward but I knew that I wanted to read about it before I watched it.  I started from the first book, rapidly reading it within 2 days.  Then the next, just as quick as the first.  Next thing I know I had finished all fours books within 2 weeks.  Accomplishment I might say!  Now I am dying for Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 to come out and I am biting at the bit so much I may pick up the books again just to get my fix.

Before I decided to read the Twilight Saga again, I had seen the previews for Water for Elephants.  I love Reese Witherspoon, and yes, Robert Pattinson just about makes you melt.  But I really loved the era they are portraying.  1930's Great Depression Era with love, escape, vulnerability.   The author has even included a circus and one of the main characters being an elephant.  Again this is a book where I am late to the party, being out since 2007 and becoming a #1 New York best seller within that time.  See I am always behind! 

Now April 22nd cannot come fast enough for me.  I am finished with the book and the movie will be out that day.  I wonder if i can convince the hubby to see it, but of course I don't mind going alone.  I guess I'll just have to get my fix watching the trailer until it comes out on the big screen.  All the glitz and glitter, love and despair.  Hmm what a way to get lost!

Water for Elephants: by Sara Gruen

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Update on Friday, June 17, 2011 at 10:57AM by Registered Commenterdebroller

Just in case you were wondering, I have not had the chance to see the movie yet.  I am really bummed, but when you have limited babysitters (or in our case none), you cannot get out much.  But I swear I will see this movie when it comes out.  I may have to read the book again just to get my fix...

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