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free download - plum holiday template

 A little late to the holiday card template party, but not too late for one to be a freebie.  This design is based on my own card but tweaked.


The card is a 5x7 front and back design using the new Luxe templates from Millers.  They can also be printed as a regular card.  I highly recommend the UV Purl coating!!  Beautiful!!!

Please do not distribute, sell, or claim as your own.  The template is intended for professional photographers and not for the general public.  If you would like to use for clients, that's ok.  Just please give me credit in the design.  This is a layered PSD file with the colors and font adjustable.  Font is not included but is there for text placement.  If you really like this template tell your friends and have them come here to download please do not send to them.  I hope this covers it, just show some respect and there won't be any problems....  Oh, and I can monitor downloads....


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