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Mother's day weekend...

I really hope everyone's mother's day was a nice one.  Mine was relaxing and quiet.  Didn't have to do anything if I didn't want to.  Sat on the couch all day and watched tv.  Oh, and I knited myself a little tiny turtle.  I got the pattern from a blog called www.knittedtoybox.blogspot.com.  It was really a lot of fun, and very quick to make.  If you get a chance, check it out and try the pattern out.. Would love to see what you come up with....


A relaxing weekend.

I think this weekend was one that we needed for a long time.  My husband and I were both off from work and we were all able to spend the time as a family, even if it was just watching tv... so, as guessed, not much to report on. oh, I know. we lead exciting lives..  but i'll leave you with a pretty little photo of some beatiful iris's blooming in my back yard.....  I am so glad spring is here...


A brand new beginning.

Yup, that's the title.  I had thought about it long and hard.  Trying to figure where I wanted to be, and where I wanted to go.  Heck I'll be 30 this year and haven't quite met the expectations I made for myself in college.  No, I'm not talking about family and friends, because truthfully, I'm pretty excited and happy about all of that.  I'm talking more of a professional basis.

So that is why I am starting with a new beginning professionally.  I'm sure it will have it's ups and downs, and I know I'll get lost along the way.  But in the meantime, it will be a great ride. 

I hope you enjoy the things to come.

Thanks for visiting my new beginning..

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