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Wow, I can't believe it's been since Christmas that I posted on this side of my blog. 

I just wanted to let you know what I have been up to in my world of designing.  I have been perfecting my techniques as well as working on some projects for clients.  Currently I have been working on a logo and while I am not quite finished yet, I do have one's they decided would not work for them.  So I wanted to show them here. 

I think this one was a fun one for me and I wanted to try something a little different. 

Gradually I'll show the other designs I came up with later so you can see how many variations I was able to get.  It's amazing how one idea can blossom into others.



Lately I have found myself in the need to redecorate my house.  And with me being without work, I have had plenty of time to do that.  Currently I have been making new pillows for my living room to help brighten things up and take the drab out.  And in the process, I have found a color combo that I just love.  Something that I think I will carry throughout a lot of things I do.  Oh, by the way.  Besides me loving the pillows, this chair is one of my favorite pieces.  I have thought to use it for some photography later.  We'll see if I can find a model to use it with.


A little something new

Now that I am finally finished closing down the store I had worked at, I have had the opportunity to update my site.  My hope is to start providing logo design services and such, and well the way things were looking before, it wasn't too convincing of my abilities.  I hope to remedy that.  Also, I am now currently able to do more camera straps for those who are interested.




Lately has been somewhat of a blur for me.  Recently the place that I have worked at for over 7 years has decided to close it's doors.   And while it's heart renching to know you have lost your job, it can also be a positive note in change.  No one ever wants to be told you will be unemployed at such and such time, but for me it came as a quick kick in the butt to persue other things. 

In the coming months I really hope to do more of my photography and design, but to also get some sort of normalcy back in my life.  Working 6 days and closing a store it's not easy.  It's emationally and physically draining to the point certain things have been neglected.  And that may be my creativity or even sending emails.  For those who have inquired about my camera straps, I sincerely apologize for not getting back to you.  With what time I have at home, my first thought has been my family and then resting.  But hopefully after March I will be able to concentrate on the things I would like to.

Hope Valentines wasn't just a commercial holiday but one in which you knew your blessings and appreciate your loved one's.    


25 Things

Since I have been a member over on FaceBook, I have had several people tag me for 25 things about myself. While I am not really one to get into "fill-in the blank" type of forwards, I thought this timeit would be kind of fun to do. I like the idea of coming up with randomn things about myself that maybe no one ever knew.

Here it goes:


1.i am very creative person. there is nothing more rewarding to me than being able to take a great photograph or produce a kick ass logo. i would love to have photographer/graphic designer as my title and hope to get there soon. besides that i love to knit, quilt, paint, ok just anything that allows me to create!!!

2. my family is my world. i do not know where i would be if i didn't have my hubby and my little boy in my life. they ground me and inspire me everyday. and i absolutely love my in-laws. they are my saving grace with being so far from my own family. i couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law either. she has become my best friend over the years. heck i talk to her more than her own brother does!!!

3. i hate capitalizing letters when typing!!! takes too much time to hit the shift button.

4. i miss my friends from back home. and the one's that i haven't kept in touch with. there is not a day that goes by that i don't think about them and what they are doing. hoping that some day they can fit me back into their lives. we all had such great times and it really sucks that i am so far away. you get me!! you really do!!!

5. secretly i would love to go back to school and get my masters in graphic design. well not secretly, but i would!! and i would actually apply myself a little more too...

6. i really hate it when a customer walks in the door 5 minutes before you close and say, "i know you are closing in 5 minutes" "can i look around?"... personally it should be written rule that you cannot enter a place of business 30 minutes before it closes unless you know exactly what you want and you can get out within 5 minutes.. i mean seriously people, think of those who would like to get home on time!!!!

7. i love to be barefoot or wearing flip flops all day. especially my reef's.. thanks amy for introducing me to such fine footwear!!!!

8. i love music. i could be listening to music all day. i especially love indie music and artists that no one has heard of. i'm not much on trends, and prefer a little eclectic mix. ani difranco, chantel kreviazuk, ingrid michaelson, k's choice, or the list could go on.... (by the way, i get to see ani in concert march 16th. be excited for me!! she's fantastic!!!)

9. since my son was born, i have become more vocal. i used to be timid about what i think, and personally you really don't have the luxury when you have a child. plus it has helped me to have a stronger personality and not such a reclouse (sp is wrong i know)

10. i am a more modern traditionalist person. everything has to have clean lines and cool, clean, crisp colors. not really big on ivory (although i do have some ivory things) i have gotten to a point that i don't like clutter, i'm not really kean on excessive accessories, and i love white towels and white sheets. not because they can be bleached (YOU SHOULD NEVER USE BLEACH IN YOUR LAUNDRY) but because it has a crisp, cool, fresh look. i also love high end linens (thanks to where i work) high thread counts are not important to me but where they are made and what cotton is used. i've become a linens snob!!! oh and they have to be percale sheets too. no sateen please!! i don't care how sexy they are, they are just not comfortable...

11. techonology is fantastic!!! i love the internet and finding all kinds of resources from there. i especially love reading peoples blogs and seeing new photographers and designers. they are totally inspiring for me.

12. i hate forwards. they cannot be 3 pages long, they cannot be chains that if you make a wish and send it to so many people you get that wish (it never happens and don't think for one minute it could) the only one's i care for have to be a paragraph long, take 1 minute to read. i can handle video if it's something that is not about people causing themselves bodily harm ( tend to feel what they feel when they get hurt. it's not fun) i also, hate when people send forwards and they keep everyone's addresses from the previous person who forwarded, and so you have pages of people you don't know's address and by the time you get to what the forward was about, it's something entirely stupid. common people, do a forward right. delete all the junk that has absolutely nothing to do with the forward.

13. i love sweets. my personal favorite is cheesecake and chocolate cheesecake especially. i've grown to love coffee more. but it has to be flavored sweet coffee. black coffee is too much for me. i cannot stand sweet tea!! especially from the south. too much sugary syrup (i know that's odd coming from someone who loves sweets) i'll take my tea unsweetend.

14. my favorite color is blue. always has been. i love more of an ice blue, with a little bit of tangerine orange. aqua's have become a new favorite of mine. and i hate the trend of brown's and aqua's at the moment. although it is such a pleasing color palette, i try to stay away from trends. if you didn't already know, i'm not much of a trendy person. especially in fashion. oh, and i like pink!!! enough said.

15. prefer silver jewlery over gold. i think gold is dirty looking and just doesn't fit into my whole design or look.

16. can't believe i have known brian for 13 years and have been married for 8 of those years. i think of all the things we have been through and couldn't imagine myself without him. he has been my grounding rock. he is the best father anyone could ever ask for, the best husband, and my best friend.

17. i want to be a mommy again. i love being a mommy. in due time though for another one.. i think ian would be such a wonderful big brother. he has such a sweet disposition, a loving heart, and you just couldn't deny him that fun.

18. i would love to travel to far off countries. italy, france, australia, czechloslavakia, venice, ah the places everyone probably wants to go to. i would just love to photograph the countryside in italy, see the beachs of australia, get to know where my grandfather grew up in czechloslavakia, the list could go on.

19. one of my favorite cities is Charleston, SC. the history and the feel of that place is just beautiful. i love walking down king street and seeing the shops. don't particularly like the smell of the horses but liked the carriage tours. savannah is nice too, but we don't go there very often (and it's only 30 minutes). would like to go to lady and sons with my sister. paula deen is such a raunchy old lady, but she's good!!! and i like her story. just check out her rings on the next party she has. and she's not afraid to get them dirty too!!!

20. i've said it before, but i miss my family, i miss my friends, i love the friends that i have down here. am excited about a new penpal that i have now. cry when i think about how far away some of my friends are that i can't see. cry that i can't see my niece and nephews all the time. miss the idea that i have to miss them grow up. but i will never move back to indiana, will only think about being as close as maybe tennessee. will never live in ohio or illinois. could possibly do michigan, but not sure on having to deal with winters.

21. proud of my dad for his weight loss. he doesn't have that big ole belly anymore... proud of my sisters for their weight loss. i think we are becoming a skinny family (hopefully) trying to eat better and not so much junk. although i will not get rid of my sweets just eat less of them.

22. my favorite flower is the daisy. gerbera daisy's too. they are such simple flowers but represent so much.

23. i'm very greatful for the things that i have, the people that i am surrounded by, and the idea that god has a plan. it may not always make sense at first. i'm still trying to figure mine out, and i think we spend our entire lives trying to do that.

24. i have come the realization that i am going to be a soccer mom and that the idea of owning a mini van is within reach. sadly!! come on, you can't beat the stow-and-go seats. the room to tow around ian's baseball team, or soccer boys. and the idea you can get better gas milage than my jeep can get.

25. fall is my favorite time of year. the weather is just right, cool enough you don't need a jacket, warm enough you don't roast. i am sad that you don't see the change is season here as much, but what little color you see on the leaves is breathtaking. i would love to ride down the blue ridge parway during the fall and see the leaves.


A new Trick

A quick image of a new thing I tried this week.  Sinc I do not own a macro lens, I learned of a technique over at 2p's that takes care of that.  In this case, I used my 85mm lens attatched to my camera.  Then I took my 50mm lens, butted up the lens to my 85mm so that the part that connects to the camera is facing outward.  Then get in about maybe 1/2 inch from what you want to photograph, hold very steady and take the shot.  It would be much better using a tripod, but I wanted to try it out so bad I did without.  They have couplers that you can purchase to connect the two together to make it easier, you just have to make sure you get the right sizes..... 


Christmas 2008

This year seemed to just fly by so fast didn't it? I think more people than not wanted it to for various reasons, economy for one. For me I guess I wanted it to last just a little bit longer so that I would have more time to prepare. For the holiday's I mean.

I had these great intentions of starting about 3 months ago to get my christmas cards designed, printed, and ready to be sealed. Of course that didn't happen. My procrastination seemed to get the better of me, as it does any other time. And with our impending vacation coming upon me, there was no time to wait. I had spent the better part of the day coming up with the design on the computer, and although it has been one that has been floating in my head for a while, it didn't turn out anything like i was imagining. I think the only things that stayed the same were the pictures and the colors. But I have to say that I am pretty pleased. Actually very pleased. I am thrilled to be able to open the box, delivered by the man in brown, to see how they printed out. It's kind of like christmas when santa has come and you get to open all the presents.

  Have to give credit to Jessica Sprague for the patterned paper in the background. It was part of her free download a while back, from the kit Echoes of Asia. She always seems to amaze me with her style and the things she can do. If you get a chance, check out her blog http://spraguelab.squarespace.com/ and her scrapbooking website http://www.jessicasprague.com to see the many things she does.


Almost done

I have found myself taking more time to do some projects than I had anticipated.  While I have every good intention of finishing them within a timely manner, I still take freaking forever to get them done.  I guess maybe it's because I have so many ideas running in my brain, that I can't pinpoint one thing and stick to it.  Finish it to the end.  And being much of a procrastinater, that really doesn't help the situation out all that well either.  

Some days it sucks to be creative, because you almost feel you don't have enough time to do the things you want.  And I can't blame it all on family, or friends, or even work.  I think it's that motivation to say "hey, get off your stink'n butt and get on with it!!" that I really lack.  Maybe some day a glimpse of urgency will creep into my brain. 

Well, along the lines of working on yet another project, here is one I am trying desperately to finish before the friends baby I am giving this to grows up and goes to college.  A little update of where it is at.



It is in the blocking stage, which for all of you who don't knit, that is where you place it on a padded board, pin it to the size you want, and then spritz it with water.  Then you let it dry completely.  What this does is to allow the stitches to set at the size you would like the piece to be.  There are many many articles out there that help explain it and other methods to use.   With this piece, the fair isle work was a little bit taught, and so I wanted to stretch it out more. 

Only a few more things to do and it will be done.  Just have to buy a zipper and, voila!! 

My next post will consist of the most anticipated review of my new toy.  Which I have had a week to play and find it's flaws, which at this point there really aren't too many. 




Ipod Revolution

This week I get to be the proud momma of a new Ipod touch.  I think I have been oohing and ahhing over this baby since it came out, and while I love new technology, I knew something better and more exciting would come out since it's birth. 

So for my wonderful, exciting, 30th birthday (hint of sarcasm inserted at this point), my wonderful husband decided to give me this little guy as a milestone gift.  You know most girls would be asking for the diamonds, and pearls, and the other most "girly" possessions.  Not me!!  While I love the idea of jewelry, it's not the first thing I think of when heading out the door.  And for some they have millions upon millions of shoes in their closet, not me.  I guess you could say I am the total opposite of a fashionista...  While I love the new fashions and colors and such out there, I don't have a stylistic bone in my body.  Unless I get the wonderful help of my sister-in-law or mother-in-law...  Nope, not me!!...  I would say that 95% of my thoughts are of music, art, movies, you name it.  Technology, photography, design.....  And I think this fits perfectly into that mix.  Oh, and I can't forget one thing.  I'm addicted to the internet!!!  Which with WiFi capabilities that just makes me drool.  (Now would probably be the time to admit me to a 10 step program to wean myself off of this addiction.  NAHHH!!!)

While I am not the leading authority on technology, and I don't get to have all those cool perks that say Scott Kelby, or any other tech guru's out there get to have, I may dabble in a little review to share my experiance of my new baby.  Take each word with a grain of salt if you would like.  And remember it will not change the world, but it sure will change my.  Ah, who am I kidding?  The only things that have changed my world is my family, friends, and dreams.  This is just a little fun toy in the mix.  




Dare to be Great

Have you ever sat down, and wondered what your "dare to be great" thing was?  Wondering if you had that one thing that would define you as a person.  Creatively.. 

On a daily basis I sit down on this little quest to set myself apart from the rest of the crowd.  Trying to figure out what that one thing is that could define my creative role in the world.  And today is no different than the rest.  It's kind of like the quest for the holy grail, like in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusades.  It may take days, months, or years for it to happen.  And when it does, it's that defining moment in your life that gives you some satisfaction.  A satisfaction of saying that you made it or you made an impact in the way someone does or views things.

I know some day I will make my mark on society.  It may not be as profound and inspiring as the great masters of our time.  But along the way I hope to give that sense of greatness.  To be able to touch a small minute moment of that "dare to be great" I dream of.




Fair Isle knitting and Dying Yarn

Those who know me, understand that I like to challenge myself when it comes to creating things.  I was never one to just do what was simple, but yet more intricate and/or time consuming projects.  I can remember in high school, in my advanced art class, I decided to do a paper sculpture project.  It's where you have a picture or a drawing, and then you cut out pieces of paper or illustration/poster board in all the shapes you find in the drawing.  Once you get your pieces you start to build the drawing by scultping the peices and layering them on top of each other so that in the end it becomes more 3 dimensional on top of a board.  It really is a work of art, and a time consuming one at that.  I think that project took me nearly 9 weeks to complete and many cuts on my hands from the exacto knife.  Once I finished it my teacher convinced me to enter it into the Scholastics Art Competition where I later won a Silver Key.  I have to say I was pretty proud of myself.

So along with the intricate time consuming things I have found that I love to do, lately I have found the art of Fair Isle knitting.  For those who don't knit, it's when you use multiple colors to weave or knit a pattern into the work.  Usually you would use 2 colors per row interchanging to make the pattern.  You can use as many colors you would like, but not all of them within one row.  It may sound complicated, and at first I thought it might have been, but once I got started it became very easy to minipulate.

Now of course before I got started on my little project, I had to find the yarn and the colors.  Once before I had ordered some lace yarn from an online source called Knitpicks.  While I haven't quite knitted that yarn, I still liked the look and the feel of it.  It was pretty reasonably priced and although the shipping time was a little long, I figured by the time I finished one project my shipment would be on it's way. 

This time when ordering my yarn I decided to do something a little fun.  I had seen over and over a dying technique that was easy and non-toxic.  Oh and by the way, cheep!!!  You can use regular household items that you can still use to cook with later on.  Now what is it you ask is used to dye the yarn??     Kool-Aid....  Yup, you use kool-aid packets to dye the yarn.  The trick is, you use all natural fibers.  Like wool, alpaca, cotton... you get the idea.  You can still use yarns that may have a synthetic blend along with the natural fibers, but those synthetic fibers won't take well to dye.  Which if you want something a little more interesting could very well give you a great look.  The other ingredient is water.  Nothing else!!  Most dye's require you to use vinegar because of the acids, but kool-aid is so acidic you don't need anything else.  The other nice thing is the palette of colors you can purchase.  you can mix colors to make different one's or you can use just the straight color provided.


Now the colors you see here are basic one's.  The kool-aid packets are blue moon berry mixed with lemonade, blue moon berry by itself, orange, lemonade mixed with one that is concidered one of their surprise flavors, and last is lemonade.  The rule of thumb is to use 2 packets of kool-aid per 50 grams of yarn.  But if you want a more saturated color obviously use more.  All of these I used the 2 packet rule besides the second color, I used probably 4 packets per 50rm weight.  The yarn that  I used was a bare wool, no color to it, and the hanks were about 246 yards/ 100gr weight.  There are two methods of dye.  If you are doing smaller hanks of yarn say about 100 yards, you can use the microwave method.  Anything larger use the stovetop.  Trust me, it's easier if you have large amounts to cook it on the stove.

Here's what you will need to do both methods:

  • kook-aid packets
  • water
  • mild soap to wash yarn
  • containers to dye the yarn in
  • drying rack or something so that you can hang your yarn to dry

For both methods you need to wash your yarn.  Preferrably wash it in the sink using a mild non-sudsing soap.   I used dreft as it doesn't suds nearly as bad as others, or you can always use a linen was or even a wool wash if you are able to find it.  While your yarn is sitting in the water, start getting your kool-aid and such prepared with their respective containers for whichever method you use.

  • Microwave method: after you put the yarn in the containers (don't wring the water out, just let it drain out a bit), put in the zapper and zap in 2 minute intervals until all of the color is soaked up by the yarn.  In between each zap, let the yarn sit in the  microwave for about 1.5 minutes.  Once the yarn has soaked up all the color, let it cool in the container.  I just let mine cool till about room temp so it is easy for me to handle.
  • Stove-top method:  For this one you are going to mix the color in your pot.  I used a large one and filled it about half way with water.  Next you are going to bring the water just to boiling point mixing every so often to make sure the color is even throughout the water.  (We have not put the yarn in yet!!!) After you have brought just to a boil, let it sit for about a half hour, again stirring the color around.  30 minutes up... Now is the time to put your yarn in.  Again, do not wring out the yarn just let it drain a little.  If you do not have enough water, just add more so that it covers the top of the yarn.  From this point, you will just let the yarn sit in the pot until it cools, again to about room temp.  Make sure you try carefully to stir the yarn in the pot so that it can get as much available color as possible.

Now once your yarn has cooled, carefully put in sink and wash it again.  Make sure the water is the same temp as the yarn as not to start felting the yarn.  Trust me, I almost did that will the bulk of my yarn!!  You will never get it apart if you do....  After you wash the yarn, make sure you rinse it thoroughly so that there is no color coming out.  Which when i did it, I didn't have any color rinsing out.  Now all you do is hang to dry.  It will take a couple of days maybe even a few for it to dry depending upon how much you have dyed. 

I wish I could say once the yarn has dried, you can start knitting it.  But you do have to wind it up so that it is workable.  I'll save that for a later date to teach you a great method.

Now I would like to share with you what I have started on using my dyed yarn.

It's going to be a snuggle sack for a baby!!  I got the pattern from a great blog site www.purlbee.com. Oh that site it just wonderful with what they have.  So many great patterns for a bunch of things.



  I am getting close to finishing the color work part of it, and then I'll be into the main color.  I'm pretty excited to get it finished and hope that it is soon.  So far I think this has been my favorite knitting project yet, along with the many I have started but not finished.  I can really see myself dying more yarn and making more fair isle treasures in the future.






Riverbanks Zoo Columbia, SC

All week my little guy had been talking about going to the zoo.  Seeing giraffes, and elephants, and lions.....  Well, on Saturday we got a chance to go, and while I loved the monkey's swinging high in their branches it was the howler monkey's i especially loved with their bellowing calls.  But overall my favorite just seemed to be the flamingo's with their bright salmmon colored feathers.  They smelt pretty bad when you got close, and one even came so close to the wooden fencing that children could touch their beaks.  But I just really enjoyed their color and how they stood on one foot for a really long period of time.




Quick Release Strap

Here's a strap I made for someone just recently who needed it to be a quick release. 



Why did I start this???

I ordered some yarn from an internet site called Knitpicks a while ago.  And at first I thought I wanted to make a great lace shawl or something of that nature for a wedding I am going to in October.  Well that was thought when I initially ordered the yarn.  But for some reason I wasn't really hit on the idea.  I thought I probably wouldn't wear it much and it would collect bundles of dust bunnies.  (at least they would keep warm though!)  So instead I ventured to come up with my own pattern.  Something I thought would be easy to do, a raglan tunic with bell sleaves in a striped pattern in two colors.  Nothing too exstravagant...  Now please tell me why did I start this project?  It's not the idea the pattern was difficult to do, it's just going to be so dang-um long.  Thinking of making a tunic out of lace yarn is just going to be a never ending process..... At this point I may scrap it and go to what I was going to do in the first place.  Or I just may put it down for a while and start a new project, which I am sure my husband will really like me for that...  Or maybe should make a child sized shirt?  yes, I think that would be a better idea...... What do you think?  What is your experience with lace yarn??..... 


a site for knitters... or crocheters

i would say that i have been knitting for maybe 2 years now.  the endless possibilites in patterns and yarns could rival any chosen hobby.  but on my quest to find more patterns that were easily accessible, as well as "free" (most of the time) i was able to find a great site to offer just that and more. the site is called ravelry.  there are oodles and oodles of patterns for crocheters and knitters, as well as a forum to discuss projects or whatever you want really.  there is a wealth of knoweldge to be absorbed over there that everyday i am always looking to see what is new.  oh, and the best part is you can post your in-progress/finished work, organize favorite patterns you want to try, show what kind of yarn stash you have, etc.  the list goes on.  so instead of me giving on the fun details out.  how about you go over, get an invitation to join (no there are no membership fees.  and it is in beta testing right now, so don't be alarmed about that.)  and get your knit on...  it's a fun place to be...



I am horrible...

I love the idea of journaling everyday life.  You know, keeping the world up on my smallest of accomplisments or even small little thoughts... But for some reason, my butt can't seem to to type anything lately.

So I think I may try something new.  Maybe talk about the findings of the day.  Heck I definately know how to search the internet.  Get information to swell up in my brain that it all drains out into a puddle of ooze.  Well not really, but it is enough to want to talk about.  And if even the most minute group of followers latch onto what I have to offer.  I think it will be fun.



Knit this, Knit that...

For some reason for the past week, I have been on a knitting spree.  Trying to do as much as I can. 

So far I have knitted a pair of cargo pants, that I am hoping to send to my nephew (and post in my projects), a small ball to throw at my husband each time he bothers me (at least it won't hurt), and I have finished a modified golf head cover for my sons 3 wood.  Mind you my son has golf clubs that are about 2 feet tall.

My new task, I am thinking of making a onesie for an infant.  See this lady that I work with loves to knit things for friends who are having babies, and well, making a baby blanket is just a little too time consuming.  So, why not make a onesie that is ever so cute.  So keep on the look out for projects and or updates.  I'll try to keep things moving as much as I can, but we all know how that can go...


A beautiful voice

I was on my favorite website yesterday, and a person had posted a thread about a video that made her cry.  My initial thought was something bad had happened or something to that nature.  of course my curiosity had gotten the better of me and so I clicked the link to the video hosted on youtube.  (That site has been my new obsession too by the way.)

As I started watching, I began to have a cheerful spirit only because there was a crowd of people cheering.  But once I continued watching I started to understand what it was about.  Please watch before you read anymore and see what I am talking about.  And yes, be honest of how it made you feel.



Ok, so what did it make you feel?  His voice just melts your heart.  And the story behind just makes it melt even further.  I think this young man is such an inspiration of saying that he really doesn't care whether his singing is popular or not, he loves it and embraces it. 


A childhood memory

There are certian things that happen in your day that sometimes evoke a memory.  Whether it be a certain smell that could remind you of your grandma, or even a taste that makes you think of a certain place.  Well, today as I was listening to the radio, while knitting might I add, a song came on the radio.  It's not like it's a heartfelt song, or one that brings you to tears.  No it's just a simple country song. 

"Fishing in the Dark"..  Nitty Gritty Dirt Band... If you haven't heard the song.  Get on itunes, find it, and play it.  Even if you aren't a country fan.  It's catchy!!!

Ok, why does this song have special meaning to me.  Well, it takes me back to when i was about 7 or 8 years old, when my brother and I would go out for a drive in his Chevy pick-up and drive the fields.  See my family were crop farmers.  Up until Feb 2007 they had farmed, over 2000 acres and that was their lively hood.  And well, that's the only thing my brother knew.  He's now going to be 37 this year.  So his entire life was farming...  

So on the weekends he would get his 22 rifle, hitch it to the back window of his pick-up and him and I would go around checking out the fields.  You know, seeing if the crops were taking to whatever miracle they tried.  And of course to see if mother nature was being kind.  But along with that, we had to check to see if any pesky animals would be getting into the crops. Mainly woodchucks (or some places groundhogs).  Of course that wasn't the only animal on the radar, as many animals would get into the fields and have their way with them.  But those were always the one's that would make the most damage and the most annoying. 

Now when we would see one of the pesky critters, he would get his rifle, point it out the window and shoot.  (ok, so that is probably illegal in most states.  But I am not kidding you when I say we live so far out in the boonies, you could set a bomb off, and noone would pay any attention.)  Then after he got done popping one of them, we would drive off and check out more fields.  Usually this was a 2 hour ordeal.  But it was sure fun.

So there you have a little story from my childhood.  Every once in a while these memories creep up on me, and I get a little smile just thinking about them.  And maybe you'll get to hear about them.  If you are lucky, I may be even able to find a picture of my brother so you can put a face to the story.  That's if you're lucky.  (He doesn't like to be photographed.  Even by his favorite sister!)

Thanks for reading!!!


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